RC Pill Insert Calculator

Easily calculate your front or rear suspension geometry including anti-squat, toe, track width, and roll center. Supports almost all popular cars.
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Take your pill inserts

Understand how pill inserts affect your suspension

With just a few taps, calculate your toe, anti-squat/kick-up, track width, and roll center, and easily see how changes affect your suspension geometry.

Check geometry for the front or rear of dozens of supported RC cars and trucks, both on-road and off-road

Supported cars:
- 3Racing Advance 20M/21M
- Agama A319/E
- ARC R12
- Associated: B6 Family, B64, B74/B74.1, RC8 B3 Family
- HB: D819/815 Family, D/E8T Evo3, Family, D216
- Infinity: IF14-II/FWD
- JQ: Black/Grey/White
- Kyosho: MP10 Family, RB7, ZX7
- Mugen: MBX8 Family, MTC1
- PR: SB401-R Family, S1V3RM R EVO, ST1 V3TR
- Serpent: SRX2 Gen3 Family, SRX4 Gen3, SRX2 MH
- Sworkz 35-4/35-3
- Tekno: EB410 Family, E/NB/T48 Families (.3, .4, 2.0), SCT410.3
- TLR: 22 5.0 Elite, 22X-4, 8IGHT-X/Elite/4.0 Families, TEN-SCTE 3.0
- Xpress: XQ10/1S Families
- XRAY: GTX8.3/E.3, T4 '19+, XB2 Family '19+, SCX, XB4 '19+, XB8 Family '19+, XT8 '19
- Yokomo: YZ-2, YZ-4, BD10/LC
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