RC Crawl Scorekeeper

Ditch the clipboards! Score crawls easily on your phone, and aggregate scores at the end of your event on our site at CrawlScore.com. Use standard rulesets from the major organizations (SORRCA, etc), or create your own!
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For Event Directors

  • Get a quick list of all completed crawls with the driver's name, class, course, score, and time. Tap to see the full score breakdowns.
  • Built to SORRCA scoring standards, but you can customize the time limit, point-out, or points given for any scoring category
  • No more soggy, smudged, coffee-stained scoresheets
  • No more scoresheets with missing names or other info. Just because they're toy cars doesn't mean this can't be a professional operation!

For Racers

  • Score crawls quickly and easily without managing a stack of papers, even in bad weather and with no cell signal
  • Record progress, gates, rollovers, winches, DNFs, and all the rest with a single tap. Adjust the timer mid-crawl if necessary.
  • Easily calculate SORRCA scale points, and get a summary of points suitable for submitting at an event
  • Bring your phone to the Event Director to provide a quick view of all scored crawls or scale scores
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