RC Speed Run

Log your speed runs easily, and share your best runs with other Speed Run drivers! See the top runs in the app or at rcspeedrun.com.
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Show off that speed

Log & Share Speed Runs

Speed runs are fun! Now, they're more fun.

The RC Speed Run app lets you easily log your runs - record your car's gearing, motor, batteries, and more, and save pictures, so you can go back and review them and see how your car was set up.

Then log the run details like the speed (can upload screenshot of GPS app), location and weather for reference.

If you had a good run, share it with other RC Speed Run drivers! (Sharing is optional - you can keep your log private if you want.)

Then, check out the fastest runs at in the app or at our site rcspeedrun.com.

This is a new app, so we're looking for your feedback!

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