RC Gear Recommender

Which pinion should you use on your RC car or truck? Our RC Gear Recommender uses the magic of AI to suggest the right gear!
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Machine learning for your machine

Use AI to find the right pinion gear

With the So Dialed RC Gear Recommender, just enter a little information about your car, and we use artificial intelligence to suggest a great pinion gear, so you get on the track fast.

Ideal for:
- Electric cars and trucks in 1/8, 1/10, and 1/12 scale
- On-road or off-road (oval and drag coming later!)
- Using foam tires? Cool, just enter your tire diameter

Please note: everyone's car and track is different! We recommend gears based on typical race cars under typical racing conditions, but if you've done something crazy to your car, our recommendations may not work.

Also, our recommendations are a starting point, so after you try the pinion we suggest, please experiment to see what works best for your driving style and your track.

To do further tuning of gear ratios, FDR, and rollout, check out our free Gear Calculator Pro App.

To record your setups, tests, and races, check out our RC Setup App.
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