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Record, find, and share setups right on your phone. Spend less time writing and more time racing! Supports hundreds of cars - on-road, off-road, drag, dirt oval,  drift, speed run, and bashers.
So Dialed RC Setup App on the App StoreSo Dialed RC Setup App on the App Store
Handle your handling

Setups done right

Getting faster means you need to tune your setups, which isn't easy! But, with So Dialed, you can optimize your setups in a snap, right on your iOS or Android device.

So Dialed makes it fast and easy to record your settings, see common option parts, calculate gear ratios, and see how changes will affect your handling.

Save setups online, share with friends, and find setups shared by other drivers. Compare two setups to see the differences at a glance!

Log your races, and you can go back and see exactly what setup changes you made when.

Still like PDFs for sharing? Export your setups directly to the manufacturer PDF for supported models.

With So Dialed, next time you spill nitro on your pit table, you won't lose your setups. And let's face it, there will be a next time. (See our Getting Started guide.)


  • Find & Share Setups
    No more PDFs - browse other racers' setup, copy for future reference, and compare them to your own so you can see all the differences at a glance. Export your setup to PDFs if you want.
  • Manage setups
    Create new setups with one tap, and easily compare the any setup to another. Record the track type, grip level, moisture, temperature, and more, and then see logs of the changes you made between races.
  • Learn setups
    Get setup tips in the app when you need them, or use our Troubleshooting Guide when your car isn't handling the way it should.
  • Upgrade for premium features
    If you're racing frequently, we offer advanced features that save you time and help you customize the app to fit your needs. Learn more.

Drivers of all skill levels love it

Dakotah Phend, 2021 Roar Nationals
“A great app that keeps all of your setups organized in one place. Share setups and see others as well!"
Dakotah Phend, TLR, 2021 ROAR Nationals Champion, 2WD & 4WD Modified
22X-4, 22 5.0 DC Elite, 8IGHT-X/E Elite/XT/XTE
TLR, Trinity, JConcepts, Spektrum, Pro Performance RC, Horizon Hobby, Bradley Fineline Designs, Stickit1
"The usual setup databases couldn't capture how each change affected laptimes and performance. So Dialed provides all of this, so you don’t have to bounce around between apps, websites, or notebooks. You can look back on what worked from a week or even a year ago and know exactly what change you want to make, or maybe avoid, at your current race."
Robbie Dodge, XRAY
XRAY T4 '21, X12 '21
RC America, XRAY, Hudy, R1 Wurks, Avid, TQ Wire, BSR, Sanwa, Max.FX, 2mmdesigns, 5Nines
"It's the future of setups. Now I can pull out my phone and find everything I need in a few taps. Use So Dialed to work smarter and in turn spend more time on the track.
Wyatt & Brad Wilson, TLR
8IGHT-X 2.0
TLR, Tekin, Integrity RC, Gens Ace, DC_RC, Mike's Hobby Shop, Leadfinger, Dialed RC, MRP Traction Formulas, VP PRO, Sendit RC, REDS
“It's a game changer - a one-stop shop to track all of your RC setups.”
Josh Bommer, Team Associated & Reedy
RC8 B3.2/e, RC10 B6.2D, RC10B74.1D, CRC CK25, TC7.2
Team Associated, Reedy, Ultimate Racing, Dialed-RC, Boca Bearing, RCLYFE, BOOMrc
“It’s super easy to use - a must for all skill and experience levels.”
Bob Taylor
Scott P
This app will be the standard for tracking setups.
Alan V.
5 stars: Really helpls me keep track of 4 cars.
5 stars: The best R/C Setup App - this is a great on-the-go app. It even shows what changes do what and how they will affect the car!
Bobby B
5 stars: Great app! Very helpful for a newbie like myself!
5 stars: Loving this app.
Tyler C
5 stars: Awesome app to keep track of your RC setups and info on tuning.
5 stars: This app is total game changer and has the potential to really help lots of people with saving setups and giving solid tuning advice. I think this app will change how setup sheets are saved and shared. This app is truly helpful for both the beginner and the pro.
Kevin T.
5 stars: Very easy to use, and keeps track of all the settings on my various RCs. I like the fact that it gives me the factory specs, so that I have a baseline. As of now, I have 3 of my race buggies saved so far.
5 stars: Really good app with loads of tips and tricks. Very good about updates with new cars as long as it's requested by enough people. My go-to RC app.
Ed G
5 stars: Greatest app for RC.
John R
It's the best app hands down for RC racers. No more sheets to fumble through no more writing down. Pick up your phone and everything is there, so simple, great design, perfect app.
Trevor F.
5 stars: Best instant track side go to resource in the history of racing.
Jojo C
5 stars: The evolution of RC Setups! Finally the world of RC setups make it to the 21st century.
Sam B
5 stars: Awesome app, helps with all RC cars.
Macio T
5 stars: Great app for storing and comparing set ups, and a great resource for learning about RC car tuning theory.
Steven C.
5 stars: Easy to use. Way better then paper. Use it on the fly. So worth it.
Manrique C
5 stars: It's much easier than a setup sheet!
Josh B
I love how you can copy an existing setup and make changes to it. Helps keep small changes organized.
Bill F
5 stars: This app is brilliant. Would recommend it to anyone just starting up.
John M
5 stars: Nice app to get you in the ballpark. 2 seasons running dirt, a lot of places are changing to carpet and this definitely helps. Thanks to all that put the time and effort into making this hobby more enjoyable - definitely appreciate all the guys helping others.
Save time at the track

Ready for the next level? Upgrade to Premium

Customize your Setup screenCompare any two setupsRemembered custom settingsChange log

The fastest racers spend hours managing their setups. Now it's easy!

Get faster, more consistent lap times without the hassle
Save your setups, even with no signal

Manage setups on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere.  Leave that folder of setup sheets at home. Or burn it.​

No cell signal at the track?  No problem! We’ll sync your setups later, so you never lose data.

Record all the things

Save your settings for suspension, drivetrain, tires, motors/engines, electronics, and more. 

Log your races, record track conditions, grip level, and performance, so you can learn (and remember!) what really works.


With your car perfectly tuned for your track's surface you're guaranteed to win the A main*!

* You are not guaranteed to win the A main

See how So Dialed RC Setup App compares with setup sheets

So Dialed
Setup Sheets
Find and share setups online
Easily compare setups and see differences
Learn about settings and their effects
Built-in gear ratio calculator with FDR
See common options like shock springs and pistons
Log races to see performance impact of setups
Easily see what changes you made
Doesn't clutter your pit area
Super nope

See, this guy
gets it.

I'm pretty sure his folder is full of old setup sheets, and he's going to throw them away right now. I mean, it's really the only logical explanation.