RC Speed Calculator Pro

How fast can your R/C car go at top speed? Try our calculator to get an estimate for any electric RC car or truck.
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How fast is your speed demon?

Top speed estimates, easy

Quickly and easily get an estimate for your RC car's top speed with RC Speed Calculator Pro! Just tell us which car you have, enter some info about your gearing, motor and batteries, and we'll do the rest.

Doing speed runs? Try our RC Speed Run app or our RC Gear Calculator!

Record your estimates to compare different car setups, and if you have a speed gun, you can record your actual top speed along with the estimate.  

Info you'll need:
- Pinion gear teeth
- Battery cells (or voltage)
- Motor Kv rating
- Tire diameter (we can fill this in based on your car type)

Info we probably have already based on your car:
- Spur gear teeth
- Transmission ratio

Please note, our top speed estimates are just that - estimates! We use a formula that works in theory (in perfect, not real-world conditions), but every car and all driving conditions are different, so expect some variation from real measured speeds.