New Standalone Gear Calculator App!

The So Dialed RC Setup App has a pretty nice built-in gear calculator, but we also realize that not everyone bothers to track their setups, and they just want to get out on the track (or the park, the lawn, the beach, whatever!), so we figured we'd provide a standalone RC gear calculator app that's easy for anyone to use, whether they're into detailed setup tracking or not.

Behold, the RC Gear Calculator Pro!

Just like the calculator built into our main app, the Gear Calculator Pro allows you to enter your current gearing and then a new pinion and spur combination, so you can see exactly how much the new gears will affect your ratio as a percentage. For example, it might tell you your new ratio will put 15% more strain on your motor, so you'll know to keep an eye on the motor's temperature.

For more advanced usage, you can enter your internal drive ratio to get your final drive ratio (FDR), and if you're running on-road, you can also enter your tire diameter to get the rollout.

Get the free app here, and let us know what you think!

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