Hard Packed, Dusty, Bumpy

Driver: Marco R, Dec 14, 2021

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Marco R
Marco R
Marco R
Ultimate R/C
Outdoor hard-packed
Medal iconMedal icon
Changes made to be tested: Upper arms moved forward(0.9mmF/2.0mmR) Went back to 2.7mm rear swaybar- Yasss! Try 2 steps softer front and rear sway bars. Went back to #3 hole on rear tower- went to #4(out on tower). Also installed VRP 8x1.2F/8x1.3R- 50WT F/45WT R- Rear end feels great! Fine tune roll center or try anti squat to get rear locked in. Last run of the day (which was also 1st with VRP) truck had visibly more speed and more planted out of corners. Note: rear inside tire on either left or right hand turns leans in way too much. Less contact means less traction. Try playing with longer camber link. Raise upper arms up for more mid to exit steering?
Marco R
Marco R
Marco R
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Hard Packed, Dusty, Bumpy