Jason Reedy Base Setup

Driver: NexGen Prime, Mar 10, 2022

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NexGen Prime
NexGen Prime
NexGen Prime
Sunday Club Race
Action Park RC Grand Prairie, TX
Outdoor hard-packed
Medal iconMedal icon
First round of qualifying I struggled with the car being too loose and the track was dusty. Had sweep silver micro contacts bad for the dust. Second round of qualifying was better the track was blown off and was not as dusty the grip came up and I had adjusted to get the car to lock in the rear end more with the rear tower position and going out and down on the D block pills. Also went to blue stalkers which helped the car be easier to drive, but there was a bit of a push in the mid corner steering. Main I adjusted the front shocks and stood them up 1 hole to hole 3 middle. This helped the mid corner push on power some I think it would have been too much to goto the 4 hole without changing the diff setup. The car was very easy to drive when I didn't get in the throttle too fast out of corners with the wheels turned. And the shocks were a bit too heavy for the bumps I feel lighter would have helped it to float a bit more on the washboard straightaway.
NexGen Prime
NexGen Prime
NexGen Prime
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Jason Reedy Base Setup