Crawl Scorekeeper Gets Log Exports to CSV...Mostly

Screenshot of app with CSV Downloads button

One of the most popular requests we've had for the Crawl Scorekeeper app is the ability to download results as a CSV. We had this working on Android a while back and were trying to get it working on iOS,'s annoying.

Apple puts weird restrictions on where a phone can download files. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say it's easy to get a file to download on iOS, but Apple forces it into a private folder, where you, as the user, can't find it. I guess they think they're protecting you?  I'm not sure. Anyways, it's proven difficult to get the app to download a CSV to a place where you (the user) can actually find it!

Rest assured, we are still looking for ways to make this work on iOS, but for now, we wanted to get the feature out there, so you all can try it out and let us know if you see any issues or have further requests for it.

So, for our Android users, you can now score your runs and then download the CSV, and import the results into Excel or Google Sheets or whatever you use to tabulate results - no more data entry by hand!

And sorry again for the lack of iOS support...if you're using the Crawl Scorekeeper to score events, perhaps the folks with Android phones can take on the majority of scoring duties for now?  I know, it's not great, but it's progress. Somehow we'll get iOS to work, and we'll let you all know when it does.

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