New App: RC Speed Calculator Pro

You asked, and we delivered - get estimates for the top speed of your RC car with our RC Speed Calculator Pro!

To get the estimate, you'll need to enter your:

  • Pinion gear
  • Battery cells (or voltage)
  • Motor Kv rating
  • Tire diameter (we provide estimates)
  • Car - we have the spur gear and transmission ratio for most cars, otherwise you'll need to look them up in your manual, More info in the app.

Please note, the app's estimates are just that - estimates! They are based on perfect-world numbers, but in the real world there are a lot of variables. But, if you don't have a speed gun, RC Speed Calculator Pro should give a pretty good ballpark estimate.

The app knows the details on hundreds of common RC cars already, so it'll help you fill in as much information as possible.

And, naturally, it gives results in both mph and kph, so you'll always see a number that's meaningful to you.

Get the free app, and let us know what you think!

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