New App: RC Speed Run

The "speed run" community seems to just keep growing, so we decided to test out a new app for y'all, and, naturally, we're calling it RC Speed Run.

The new app is geared for folks who are always trying to squeeze a little more juice out of their ride on those long (hopefully) wide-open roads.

It lets you log your runs, including gears, ratios, batteries, and motors as well as run data including your top speed, the location, the weather, and any pics you took of the run or of the car. Then you can easily look back and see what equipment worked and what didn't, and see how much progress you're making.

It's a little like our RC Setup App, actually, but specifically for speed runs.

Then, after you log your runs, you can share them easily with other speed run drivers in the RC Speed Run community.

This app is brand new, and we're looking for your feedback! If we get enough interest, we may set up some leaderboards, so you can see how your speeds compare against other drivers of your car, or in your country, or show top runs of the week, etc. If you think that'd be cool or have any other ideas you'd like to see in the app, let us know on the site or on our Facebook page!

Be sure to check out our Speed Calculator app and Gear Calculator app well.

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