How to Track RC Setups Online

Some setups have more than 100's not easy to even get started.
Some setups have over 100 settings - it's not easy to even get started.

If you're serious about improving your lap times, you absolutely need to be tracking your setups so you can remember what worked and what didn't.

You've probably heard the advice "make one change at a time," which is very true, but if you aren't recording those changes and recording the impact that they had on your car's handling, you're not getting the real benefits from your tuning efforts. You need to record the changes and impacts over time, so later, when you're on another track and trying to solve handling issues you've seen before, you'll know exactly what to do and won't have to rely on memory.

Traditionally racers have done this change tracking with setup sheets, either on paper or editable PDF setup sheets that you can get from the manufacturer sites or Petit RC, but those approaches both have serious drawbacks.

Paper Setup Sheets

Racers who use paper setup sheets will normally print them out at home and bring them to the track, so they can make notes of what they changed. However, this presents several challenges:

  • Just to start using a setup sheet, there are a LOT of fields to fill in, often upwards of 100.
  • It's best to track individual changes and then see the results, so if you're making a lot of individual changes and want to track the results, you need a lot of setup sheets, one for each change you make.
  • Or, if you try to track all the changes on one sheet, it's hard to keep track of which race was which, and it's not easy to make notes for the results of each change
  • At the end of the day, you end up with a mess of paper or a single sheet with a mess of notes, so you have to spend a lot of time organizing it all
  • And, of course, if you're racing outdoors where it's windy or rainy, paper setups are a pain

Editable PDFs

Another option is using editable PDFs, but these have their own issues:

  • Like paper setups, they still come blank, so you have to fill in about 100 fields just to start using them.
  • To use these at the track, you need to bring a laptop, as they are too large to use on a mobile phone. Make sure you don't spill nitro on that laptop.  : )
  • To track changes for individual races, you'll need to make a copy of the setup sheet every time. This requires a very strict naming system, or you'll lose track of what you did.
  • It's very difficult to compare two setup sheets and identify changes between them because there's no way to highlight changes.
  • And, again, if you're racing outdoors where it's windy or rainy, you may not want to have your laptop sitting on your pit table

So Dialed RC Setup App

Well, you're on our site, so you knew where this was going, right?  So Dialed tries to solve all of these problems:

  • Our setups come with all of the kit settings already filled in, so you just need to enter what you've changed
  • So Dialed also comes with most factory options like shock springs, pistons, towers, hubs, wheel hexes, and more, so you can enter your setup with just a few taps.
  • Create setups on your iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet, so you don't need to carry any extra folder or computers
  • Create new setups with one tap, and see quickly what changes you made on that setup (they're highlighted in red)
  • Make as many setups as you want for as many cars as you want, and they're all organized in the app
  • We backup your setups online, in case you spill nitro on your phone. But still, please don't spill nitro on your phone.
  • No need to organize papers or files when you get home - it's all on your phone, ready for you to go racing next time
  • We also keep the arrangement of settings consistent across cars - every manufacturer arranges their setup sheets totally differently, but with So Dialed we keep things consistent, so you'll immediately know where to find what you need without hunting through 100 fields on a page.

With So Dialed, we're trying to make it much easier for both serious racers and newbies to track their setup changes over time and see what worked.

Ready to get started? Get the app!

Have any requests for how we can make the app more useful for you?  Let us know.

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