Many thanks to the Setup Sharers!

At its core, So Dialed is about sharing.

Our app makes it easier to track setups, but it also makes it easy to share setups either with a link or in our public Setup Directory, so you can help folks who are still learning how to set up their cars, or help drivers get some new setup ideas when they're stumped.

Find Setups Page

We have an amazing community of hundreds of drivers who regularly share setups for many different cars, selflessly sharing their knowledge with the world.

So, with all these folks being so helpful, we want to recognize them for their generosity and thank them for their time! So, we have just released the ability to "Thank" someone for their setups!

When you go to Find Setups and view a shared setup in the app, you'll now find a handy "Thank" button next to the "Copy" button. When you Thank someone, they'll be notified, so they know their contribution was appreciated. Also, when other people look for setups, we'll show a count of how many times each setup was Thanked and Copied, so they can see which were most popular.

Thank you again to all those racers sharing setups! You all represent the amazing, helpful spirit that makes this hobby so special, and we'll keep finding news ways to recognize you!

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