New Pill Insert Calculator App!

When I started working on the So Dialed RC Setup App, pill inserts were by far the most baffling thing for me to try to create settings for in a way that people could actually understand what was going on. I think it helped, but clearly there was more to be done.

That's why we have just released our RC Pill Calculator App for iOS and Android!

Just tap to enter your pill inserts, including "current" inserts and "new" inserts, and you can see the toe, kick-up/anti-squat, roll center, and track width, and how each will change with the new layout. Naturally, we recommend using the RC Setup App to get more information on what impact the changes will have on your handling.

Please note: the first version of the app only supports the 25-position pill insert layouts (0.5/1.0/up-down-in-out) that are common across many cars, including many Associated and XRAY models. We are looking to see how much interest there is in this app, and if folks dig it, we will try to expand to other pill layouts. Coming up with formulas for all these layouts is a messy business, so I won't guarantee any specific models at this point.

So, for now, the supported cars are:

  • Agama A319/E
  • Associated: B6 Family, B64/B74 Family
  • Tekno: EB410 Family, E/NB48 Family (.3, .4, 2.0), SCT410.3
  • TLR: 22 5.0 Elite, 22X-4
  • Xpress: XQ10
  • XRAY: GTX8.3/E.3, T4 '19+, T4F '21, XB2 Family '19+, SCX, XB4 '19+, XB8 Family '19+, XT8 '19
  • Yokomo: YZ-2 Family, YZ-4 Family

Feedback? Questions?  Please get in touch!

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