RC Setup App New Release: "My Gear", Follow Drivers & More

As usual, we've been very busy upgrading the RC Setup App to address your requests, fix bugs, and make it generally easier to use. Here's a summary of the upgrades that came with the September release:

Shocks and Tires are now shown in a table UI, so it's easier to see your front and rear values for each:

Premium Feature: "My Gear": Allows you to add tire sets, batteries, and motors to the app so you can easily switch between them with a single tap (rather than filling out fields for the tires, inserts, compound, and wheels, for example.)

Follow a Driver: When searching for setups in the app, if you find one you like, you can Follow the driver to get notified whenever they post a new setup:

Mixed track conditions: Running on a track that's "dry" and "dusty"?  Or "smooth" and "rutted" in different areas?  Now you can choose multiple!

And of course, there's a ton of other small improvements and bug fixes, but these are the big ones we wanted to let y'all know about. Good luck out there!

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