Release v1.06: Gear Calculator, Track Conditions, Lap Times & More!

We're really happy to get this release out to you all. It should make the app faster, make it faster to enter your setups, and hopefully help you get faster!

Gear Ratio Calculator

Just like the gear ratio calculator on our site, but this one is wired into your setup, so when you change your pinion or spur settings, you'll have the option to open the calculator to see what impact those changes will make, and any new values for pinion, spur or Final Drive Ratio can be applied back to your setup with one tap.

Favorite Settings

"Star" your favorite settings (top right of the Setting screen), and they'll show up at the top of the setting list, so you can find them easily in the future. For example, star "C mount pill inserts" and they'll show at the top of the "Rear Suspension" settings.

Performance & Track Notes

This section got the most attention with this release:

  • Record the track grip level, moisture, surface, layout, and temperature
  • Record your best and average laptimes, and we'll calculate consistency for you
  • Record the impacts each setup had on your handling - the corner entry/exit steering, on/off power steering, traction in corners, and steering response. No more forgetting what those little changes last week did - they're all in So Dialed!

Speed Boost

Not only did we fix some issues that were slowing down the app in some cases, but now the app will immediately save as soon as you tap a radio button setting, so you don't need to hit "save" on your own. Every second at the track counts!

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