Save your Setup to the Manufacturer Setup Sheet

Screenshot of Setup Screen with Manufacturer PDF Button

For supported cars in the So Dialed RC Setup App, you can now export your setups to the original Manufacturer PDF Setup Sheet for easier viewing and sharing.  Other cars in So Dialed will still support PDF exports to the So Dialed table layout, but the Manufacturer PDFs are certainly easier on the eyes.

To export your setup, just go to the bottom of your Setup screen (see screenshot), and hit the PDF button. Cars that support Manufacturer PDFs will show that they are supported there. (Examples at bottom of page.)

Cars that currently support Manufacturer Setup Sheets: Associated B6.4/D, B74.2/D, RC8 B4/E, XRAY X4 '22, TLR 8IGHT-X/E 2.0, and Tekno N/EB 48 2.1. We'll be adding more cars regularly, but note that we will focus on the newest and most popular cars. See full list of supported cars.

You may notice we hide the part numbers on the PDF for the sake of space. However, any setting that has a part number in So Dialed will show as blue in the PDF to indicate it is clickable/tappable - clicking on blue settings will bring you to a page with the part number and allow you to find more information about it at various hobby dealers if you'd like (handy when sharing setups.)

You may also notice that not all of the data you enter into So Dialed will make it onto the Manufacturer PDFs. This is because we support more data being entered than most Manufacturer Setup Sheets have room for, but all the crucial settings will be there. What typically gets left off are less important data like charging notes, but rest assured, if the Manufacturer Setup Sheet has a field for it, we'll show it. We also provide a link on the sheet so users can open your setup in So Dialed and see all the nitty gritty details.

This is a new feature, and we're still improving it, but I think it's shaping up pretty well.  Let us know what you think!


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