So Dialed is Now Open to the Public!

We are stoked to announce that the So Dialed mobile app is now live on both iOS and Android!  Please check it out, and send us your questions, suggestions, and feedback on our Facebook page or at

Our mission at So Dialed is to help you improve your RC setups, so you can get more consistent performance and quicker lap times.  

The fastest racers are constantly tracking their setup adjustments on stacks of setup sheets or makeshift spreadsheets, but now there’s a better way - So Dialed makes setup tracking easy for any racer, so they can create and edit setups on their mobile device with just a few taps, anytime, anywhere.

The app comes loaded with setups for almost 70 buggies and trucks (full list), with setting options and factory add-on parts for each, from shock springs and pistons to suspension arm mounts and shock towers, so you don’t need to keep a manual or parts list handy, either - the app has it all.

And, we’re always up to date!  We just added AE’s new R8B3.2/3.2e and XRAY’s XT4.2, both of which came out last week.

Currently we only support off-road cars, but we’ll be including on-road cars soon, and if you have any requests for cars, please let us know!

Of course, the app isn’t “done” - we’re just getting started!  We’re listening and learning what’s important to you all, so we can keep improving and make So Dialed more useful, so it can better help you manage your setups and get faster lap times.

Have a request or suggestion?  We want to hear from you!  Find us on Facebook or drop us a line at

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