4-Tec 2.0/3.0

4-Tec 2.0/3.0 Setups

Setups for the Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0/3.0 shared by racers around the world.
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What pinion should I use for a Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0/3.0?

Try our free RC Gear Recommender App to get an AI-powered recommendation! Just enter your motor and a few other details, and we'll recommend a pinion to start with for your track conditions.

What is the transmission ratio (internal ratio) of the 4-Tec 2.0/3.0?

The 4-Tec 2.0/3.0 transmission ratio is 2.85. For help calculating your gear ratio, Final Drive Ratio (FDR), or rollout, try our Gear Calculator Pro App.

How many teeth does the stock spur gear for the 4-Tec 2.0/3.0 have?

70 teeth.

Where can I get parts for the 4-Tec 2.0/3.0?
Try our partner AMain Hobby. They carry many of the latest cars and trucks.
Try our partner Redcat Racing. They should have what you need!